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A Citogen project

lab.citogen.es is a project of Citogen, the forensic genetics division of the Longwood Group, which aims to make genetic testing accessible to everyone.

With over 20 years of experience, we are pioneers in performing paternity and maternity tests in Spain. Since 2020, we have been recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a reference laboratory. We have the most advanced technology on the market for the analysis and interpretation of diagnostic test results, and we want to provide direct access to these types of tests to as many people as possible, at an affordable price.

We understand that doubts about paternity or maternity can be a heavy burden in many lives, and we know that living separated from family due to various life circumstances can be very difficult. We aim to provide a solution to these situations by using the most accurate technology available today: DNA analysis.

Why trust Citogen?

A DNA test allows us to identify and certify, with up to 99.999999% reliability, the relationship between two individuals, demonstrating whether there is a first-degree relationship between them (paternity or maternity) or if they share a family line (siblings with the same father or mother). This validation can serve an informative purpose, to dispel any doubts a person may have about their relationship with another individual, or it can be used as evidence in legal proceedings or family reunification processes.

We believe that all people deserve to live a happy life, free from doubts, surrounded by their loved ones, and finding answers to their deepest life questions.

Citogen is the Clinical and Forensic Genetics division of the Longwood Group.

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