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A kinship test allows you to determine with complete reliability whether there is a kinship relationship between two people.

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Up to 99.999999% reliability

The standard test includes 2 participants:
Individual 1 + Individual 2

Every individual inherits half of their genetic material (DNA) from their mother and the other half from their father. This allows us, through the analysis of the DNA of the two individuals whose biological relationship we want to confirm, to determine with up to 99.999999% reliability whether such a biological relationship exists.

Our tests include the generation of 2 genetic profiles for 2 participants. To increase the reliability of the study, or to extend it to more individuals, additional profiles (other relatives) can be included.

Informative study

If you wish to conduct the study purely for informational purposes, to clarify your relationship with another person, sample collection can be done in the privacy of your home, very simply, following the kit instructions, and you can send the samples to our laboratory for analysis yourself. The sample collection kit will be sent in an anonymous and nondescript package.

Legally valid report

If you want our report to have legal validity and include the names of all donating individuals, the samples must be taken at a laboratory within our network, with prior identification of all individuals and the signing of the documentation authorizing the processing of the obtained samples.

Imagen de Citogen Lab

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    The study includes the creation of 2 genetic profiles. If you want to include more profiles and receive additional sample collection kits, please indicate the number. Each additional participant has an extra cost of 150€.Max: 3

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Legal Validity

  • In order for the result of the genetic study to have legal validity, the sample collection will be carried out in a laboratory by an independent professional. All donors must personally attend and identify themselves with a valid official document (ID card, Passport, Residence card). The protocol for ensuring the chain of custody of biological samples will be implemented, and the identity of the donors will be included in the final report.

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